90% of teens are
online every day

When we can't be right there with our kids,
mSpy keeps them supervised.

  • Limit access to certain websites with mature content
  • Receive alerts when something strange happens
  • Set the allowed time to be online and use devices
  • Manage Web browsing, applications, and purchases
  • Know your child's whereabouts at all times
  • Block suspicious contacts
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Dangers are everywhere in cyberspace

Online abuse might happen to teens of any race

Religion or socioeconomic group. There is no foolproof way to protect your kids, but you can reduce the risks.


GPS location tracking/geo-fencing

Browse through all incoming and outgoing media files.

Photos/videos and screenshots

Browse through all incoming and outgoing media files.

SMS and text messages

See all messages your kid gets and sends, even the deleted ones!

Contact list

Get access to the contact list, including names, numbers and photos. Block unwilling people from communicating with your child.

IMs and social networks

Have a glance at your teen’s social life, browse through suspicious messages and prevent risky situations.

Call logs

See all call logs, both incoming and outgoing along with all related information, such as duration and time.

Numbers speak louder than words:

  • According NCMEC, roughly 800,000 kids are reported missing each year…That is more than 2,000 a day!**;
  • 55% of teens have given out personal data to unknown people, including photos and physical descriptions;
  • Before the age of 18, 83% of boys and 57% of girls have seen group sex online.***;
  • 79% of youth’s unwanted exposures to Internet porn take place in the home***;
  • 34% of parents check their child’s social network sites***.


You cannot be 100% sure that nothing will happen to your child. But installing mSpy enables you to minimize the amount of dangerous cases. mSpy lets you:

  • Stay in the know with everything your kid does with their cells and computers;
  • Safeguard your child 24/7;
  • Browse all the content your kid gets and sends;
  • Block unwilling contacts, sites and apps;
  • Receive alerts when the certain words appear or the device gets to the restricted time zone.

As a parent, protecting your child is of utmost importance. And mSpy, the industry first cell phone monitoring app, is there to help you do this. Install this parental control and tragedies/dangers preventer!



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